Thursday 16 February 2012

Upgrade your existing conservatory

Refurbish your conservatory affordably There is no doubt that conservatories are a popular and useful addition to any property, as testified by the fact that over 3 million have been installed in the UK alone. However one of the inherent problems is that over time, they require maintenance, repair or even complete replacement to ensure trouble free enjoyment of the extra space afforded by this ingenious extension. It is estimated that there are currently as many as 500,000 conservatories in need of refurbishment or repair, with this aspirational link between home and garden often becoming a bit of an eye sore, or in some instances a leaking room attached to a house. This is where Refurbish My Conservatory are able to provide a cost effective solution, with comprehensive details available through their website which can be found at With a nationwide network of Registered Installers, RefurbishMyConservatory are able to cost effectively replace a conservatory at a fraction of a cost of a new one. In addition, in many instances, due to the previous installation, there is not the same level of disruption or additional works required in the garden where the existing base can still be utilised. In terms of affordability, the most cost effective refurb conservatory option is to simply replace the conservatory roof. The reason for this is that most of the older conservatory roofs in the UK are glazed in polycarbonate which has a tendency to discolour, whilst also being generally noisy and not able to retain the heat. A new conservatory roof glazed in Ambience Glass is highly energy efficient, aesthetically appealing to look at and the company are able to use their own exclusive structural products to ensure the added weight is supported correctly. Alternatively, another refurbish conservatory option exists which includes replacing the roof, windows and doors. This will provide the added benefit of a highly energy efficient new roof along with highly energy efficient windows and doors. It is also possible to change some of the design elements to give the conservatory a new look which can include a wide range of colours from luxurious woodgrains to more contemporary colours. Finally, one option is to replace the entire conservatory, which would provide the opportunity to change the conservatory design, colour or provide the option of an Orangery, or a more cost effective cross over contemporary Livin Room. As the UK’s largest specialist of replacement conservatories, RefurbishMyConservatory have also developed a number of specialist and exclusive products. These allow their skilled installers to replace a dilapidated polycarbonate or plastic roofed conservatory with a modern generation version which has specialist high performance, energy efficient glass in the roof. In addition, the option exists of utilising ten colours which includes the option of a different colour on the inside and outside and the consumer can even benefit from a completely bespoke colour through their own-house painting facility. Taking into consideration the inherent ongoing issues with family finances, it is a logical conclusion that by using the specialist expertise of a RefurbishMyConservatory Registered Installer is the most cost effective way to revive a tired, old conservatory offering the opportunity to re-discover the conservatory way of living. Posted in Home & Family | Tags: refurb conservatory, refurbish conservatory